OREANDA-NEWS. Russian fighter jet Su-30 crashed in the Tver Region during a planned training flight. This was reported by the press service of the Western Military District of Russia.

The military noted that the crew had ejected successfully and had already been evacuated to the home airfield. The aircraft fell in a wood; there is no destruction on the ground. “To establish the causes and circumstances of the incident, a commission from the Western Military District was sent to the scene of the accident,” the press service added.

The Su-30SM is a two-seat fighter of the 4+ generation, developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The planes have been serially supplied to the troops since 2013. Today they have become the most numerous type of modern fighters in service; the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Navy have already received more than a hundred such aircrafts. Fighters of the Su-30 family are one of the most popular export products of the Russian aviation industry. In addition to Russia, the Su-30SM are in service in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Algeria and many other states.