OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that invitations to take part in the coronavirus vaccination were sent to all embassies accredited in Russia.

The ministry noted that as of mid-February, the Russian vaccine was approved for use in more than 25 countries around the world. The Foreign Ministry expressed confidence that consistent work to promote vaccination against coronavirus is a common task of the world community in the context of the ongoing pandemic. The ministry views Russia's efforts as a contribution to overcoming the global crisis.

The Foreign Ministry said that the practice of inviting foreign diplomats to vaccinate against coronavirus infection is common in many states, and this practice is quite justified, because a successful fight against the epidemic requires the widest possible coverage of all people in the country. The department noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry is no exception to this rule. 

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry noted that with regard to the vaccination of employees of Russian diplomatic missions abroad and members of their families, the corresponding work is also being carried out. For diplomats, as for other citizens, vaccination is voluntary, and the diplomatic officer always has the right to choose an alternative vaccination. This takes into account the possibility of delivering a Russian vaccine to a particular country or using local drugs, as well as the availability of the necessary medical infrastructure in Russian foreign institutions. "

The Foreign Ministry also added that for employees of Russian diplomatic missions who want to get vaccinated in Russia, such an opportunity is provided during their vacation or business trip.