OREANDA-NEWSRussia will take a stricter approach to US requests for visas after the US side did not issue a visa to a portion of the Russian delegation who was traveling to the UN General Assembly. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin in an interview with the Russian news publication published on Wednesday. "We will be strict, perhaps even tougher now with regard to the visa requests that the American side addresses us when it becomes necessary to visit the Russian Federation", Vershinin said.

Answering a question about a symmetric answer to the American side, the deputy minister noted that in this case we are talking about non-issuance of visas through the United Nations, which are issued for attending official UN events. According to the deputy head of the ministry, in this case there can be no symmetrical answer.

Earlier, the United States didn't issue a visa on time for a third of the Russian delegation, which was supposed to take part in the meeting of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, dealing with disarmament issues. Representatives of several other delegations did not receive visas.