OREANDA-NEWS. Expanding the list of unfriendly countries is possible, but Moscow does not want this list to become dimensionless. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview published on Tuesday by RBC.

"The list of unfriendly countries may expand, although we would not like this list of states to become dimensionless. So far, the most rabid, let's say, position in the confrontation with us has been taken by Washington and Prague. What we see in the relevant government order is a reflection of the actual state of affairs. There is no element of rhetoric here, " he said.

Last week, the official legal information portal published a list of unfriendly foreign states approved by the Russian government. It includes only the United States and the Czech Republic. The document states that the Czech Republic will be able to hire no more than 19 employees in its diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation-citizens of Russia and third countries, and the United States-none.