OREANDA-NEWS. Girls in sports uniforms staged a warm-up in front of the Kul-Sharif Mosque in Kazan and filmed it on video. The video appeared on social networks and on YouTube and outraged religious residents of the city, reports Russian medai «Podyem».

Deputy Mufti of Tatarstan Rafik Mukhametshin told reporters, that he considers such actions unacceptable, and the athletes could find another background for training.

«I think this is a provocative action on their part. We do not support such acts. Although they can refer to a secular state — we do what we want, but such forms are unacceptable for the religious Muslim community», he stressed. According to him, such actions have been condemned many times.

However, the girls, knowing the attitude of Muslims, still conduct training against the background of the mosque. The author of the video, in turn, said that there are participants of the Kazan marathon on the video. They warmed up before running and did not choose the background specifically.

«The background was not chosen intentionally. We were warming up on the stage, which stood against the background of the mosque», she said.