OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, being at a meeting of the Advisory Council on Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation, said that the performance of the Russian economy is “at a very good level” nowadays.

According to the chairman of the government, the volume of industrial production and trade turnover in Russia is increasing. At the same time, Medvedev admitted that “much is to be done to improve the business climate and develop the economy.”

The Prime Minister said that the improvement of economic indicators was possible due to the improvement of the investment climate. “Speaking about the economy, it is obvious that in general, everything is all right: the volume of industrial production, trade turnover, macroeconomic indicators in Russia (you know them very well too) are at a very high level. Inflation is low,” Medvedev stated.

As the head of the government noted, the development of the economy was facilitated by the introduction of international financial accountability standards and the improvement of migration legislation. The time frames for registering property rights and obtaining building permits were reduced. “It has become easier to attract specialists”, although in this sphere “not everything is as fluent as we would like,” Medvedev added.

The Prime Minister also recalled that the Russian authorities began the reform of control and supervision activities, a new code on administrative offenses was being created, and investment legislation was being improved.