OREANDA-NEWS. As Mikhail Paltsev, professor and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Center for Immunology and Molecular Biomedicine at Moscow State University, thinks, the incidence of coronavirus infection, which has increased significantly this fall, will decline in winter. And in the spring, according to his forecasts, the number of people infected may increase again, but the new wave of coronavirus will be less intensive.

The professor believes that as soon as winter frost hits, the incidence of coronavirus will go down. And by spring, in his opinion, there will most likely be another surge in the incidence of COVID-19, but not as intense. In addition, he hopes that in the near future there will be an effective vaccine that will also help reduce the number of people infected.

Academician Mikhail Paltsev also noted the particular importance of strengthening supervision over the observance of recommendations and instructions of doctors.

In particular, the scientist recalled that the main measure of prevention against coronavirus is wearing masks, although some people underestimate or just forget about this measure. Mikhail Paltsev says that back in the spring, experts proved that about 90% of infections occur by airborne droplets. This is understandable, according to him, because it is a respiratory infection that affects the lungs first. And about 7% is a contact infection when the patient puts it on the mucous membranes with his hands, after contact with surfaces.

So he is sure that authorities and citizens themselves just need to strengthen the supervision of compliance with existing sanitary measures.