OREANDA-NEWS. Russia is developing a weapon that will use a neural network, Sergey Urzhumtsev, chief designer of Kalashnikov Concern JSC, said in his last interview.

According to him, some elements of such a system have already been created: "We demonstrated them for the first time, including to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, as part of a closed display at the Army-2021 international military-technical forum, which was recently held in Kubinka, "- Urzhumtsev said.

In the new weapon, he added, the processes of aiming and tracking the target, as well as the execution of the shot will be automatic. To do this, individual complexes from the defeat system are equipped with elements of artificial intelligence, the designer pointed out.

Urzhumtsev added that Kalashnikov will offer the Russian military department to start research and development work to bring the development to serial samples.

In August, Kalashnikov released a serial version of the latest MP-155 Ultima smart rifle, which is synchronized with mobile devices and is able to train the shooter.

For the first time, the concern demonstrated the MP155 Ultima at the Army-2020 forum. The design of the new rifle was adapted "for the possibility of using a rifle with a detachable butt-only with a pistol grip, "representatives of Kalashnikov pointed out. The product was developed on the basis of the classic MP-155 self-loading rifle.

At the same time, the main feature of the gun in the concern was called its "ability to train" its owner. The on-board PC is equipped with a digital display, a shot counter, a clock, a compass, a stopwatch, a timer and an indicator of the remaining cartridges. Earlier, the company also indicated that a video recording can be put on the processor of the gun.