OREANDA-NEWSIn 2019, trade between Russia and Turkey increased by 2.5% and amounted to $ 21.7 billion. This is stated in the materials of the Kremlin to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Istanbul.

"Against the background of the abolition of special economic measures previously introduced against Turkey, a significant increase in trade was noted. In 2019, trade increased by 2.5% compared to 2018 and amounted to $ 21.7 billion", the materials said. At the same time, exports remained at the same level ($ 17.75 billion), while imports from Turkey grew by 15.4% to $ 3.46 billion.

In the structure of Russian exports to Turkey, the main share falls on mineral fuel and products of its distillation (58.7%), metals and products from them (25%) and more. The structure of imports from Turkey is formed, in particular, by machinery, equipment and vehicles (28.3%), food (31.3%), textiles and shoes (18.1%).

The volume of Russian investments in Turkey and in the opposite direction, taking into account the investment projects being implemented in both countries, is approximately $ 10 billion each.