OREANDA-NEWS The number of complaints from citizens to the actions of operators carrying out, in their opinion, the illegal processing of personal data, in the first half amounted to more than 25 thousand, which is 44% more than in the same period of 2018, Roskomnadzor said.

“The greatest number of complaints was received on the actions of credit institutions, housing and public utilities organizations, site owners and collection agencies. This is due to the processing of personal data of a significant number of citizens,” the report states.

Roskomnadzor notes that citizens' appeals concerned an explanation of the procedure for applying the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data.

In particular, citizens asked questions about the legality of the processing of personal data of tenants of apartment buildings by the overhaul funds, as well as on the conditions for placing personal data on Internet sites. In addition, citizens asked for clarification of the procedure and conditions for processing biometric personal data, the procedure and conditions for installing video cameras, as well as the storage of video recordings obtained in this way, etc.

"According to the results of the consideration of citizens 'complaints, the applicants' arguments were confirmed in 7.6% of cases. Answers to appeals and complaints will be provided by Roskomnadzor specialists and its territorial bodies within the time limits established by law," the statement reads.