OREANDA-NEWS. Russians are less and less afraid of getting infected with coronavirus, while the number of people who want to get vaccinated with the Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine «Sputnik V» is decreasing, according to a survey published on Tuesday, March 2, conducted by the «Levada Center» sociological Institute.

About 56% of Russians said, that «in general, they are not afraid to get infected with coronavirus». This is the highest figure since February last year, sociologists say. Of this group of respondents, 31% are «definitely» not afraid of infection, and 25% are «rather» not afraid, 43% of Russians are still afraid of coronavirus infection.

In parallel with the weakening of the fear of coronavirus, the number of Russians who are ready to be vaccinated with the «Sputnik V» vaccine is also decreasing. In February 2021, only 30% of respondents reported being ready for vaccination — 8% less than in December. 62% of respondents said, they did not want to be vaccinated (58% in December).

Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the most skeptical about the vaccine. Among them, only 19% of respondents said, they were ready to get vaccinated. The majority (37%) explain the negative attitude to the vaccine by the threat of side effects, 23% consider it necessary to wait for the end of clinical trials, and 16% — do not see any sense in vaccination at all.