OREANDA-NEWSIn April, Russian buyers at the local AliExpress marketplace against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic were seven times more likely to buy game consoles and three times more likely to buy televisions with a subscription to online cinemas. This is stated in the study site.

"Local consoles sales have grown by more than 600% year-on-year. The colossal growth is certainly associated with the need for entertainment at home", analysts say. “We noted the trend of replacing cinema trips with subscriptions to popular streaming services: sales of TV sets + subscription to an online movie theater set up three-fold in April”, said Andrei Voronin, head of consumer electronics at AliExpress Russia, whose words given in the study.

According to the site, sales of more expensive and powerful consoles with support for 4K resolution (+ 42%) increased the most in the category. Experts attribute this to the gradual decline in the price of 4K TVs.