OREANDA-NEWS  In January 2019, the average bill at gas stations, supermarkets and catering establishments increased. While in specialized stores of alcoholic beverages it, on the contrary, after the holidays decreased slightly. This is evidenced by the statistics of one of the largest operators of fiscal data "Taxco". According to experts, such dynamics is due to the growth of VAT. As for gasoline, the increase in prices for it in January was within the allowable 1.7%, but more expensive could be related products. 

The average check at the gas station from 1 to 25 January increased to 1.25 thousand rubles, by 8%, compared to the same period in December 2018. Although the cost of 1 liter of gasoline for this period has changed not very much and in January amounted to an average of 47 rubles. But compared to the beginning of last year, the average check at the gas station increased by 14%. Sales of fuel for the year fell by 12%, its price increased by more than 10%.

Also in January 2019, the average bill in supermarkets and hypermarkets increased by 11% to 750 rubles (compared to December 2018). More Russians began to spend in catering establishments-by 9%, on average up to 1.2 thousand rubles. But there was a decrease in the average check in the liquor stores — by 2%, to 519 rubles.

The decrease in the last indicator is due to the fact that in December last year the Russians bought alcohol in anticipation of the holidays. That is, the demand was increased. In January, sales went down and the value of the average check decreased.

The increase in the average bill is primarily due to rising prices for food, rent and utilities. Thus while citizens did not walk more frequently in food service establishments, said the expert.

Earlier was reported that Rosstat plans to conduct research on the level of poverty in Russia by the modernized method since 2020, reported in the Ministry of Labor. The analysis of the current methodology carried out in the Department showed the need to expand the sample of respondents.