OREANDA-NEWS. Russians have named the most annoying habits of their co-workers. Smoking took the first position in the list, says the research of Russian recruitment portal “Superjob”.

About 12% of Russians find it annoying that their colleagues smoke or spread tobacco smell, they also don’t like frequent absence of smokers. Every tenth Russian (10%) said that the most annoying and unpleasant habit of their co-workers is gossiping or rumoring, or idle talks in the office. These are the results of a survey held by Russian recruitment portal “Superjob”.

According to the survey results, the majority of Russians are not annoyed by any habits of their colleagues - 17% of the respondents reported this (17% of men and 16% of women). Smoking and gossiping irritate women more (13% and 12%, respectively) than men (12% and 7%).

About 5% of respondents reported that habits of weaving plots and idleness in co-workers get on their nerves the most. Impudence and obtrusiveness make 4% of Russians annoyed, the same quantity of respondents are displeased with falsity and irresponsibility of their colleagues. Constant coming late to work irritates 3% of respondents. 2% of respondents stated that they are normally annoyed by disorder in the workplace, untidy appearance, absent-mindedness, carelessness, and loud laughter of their co-workers.

About 17% of Russians mentioned other annoying habits, among them they named aggression, stupidity, envy, tediousness, and a habit to conflict. Some stated that they are irritated by their co-workers’ personal activity in social networks and phone during working hours. 7% found it difficult to answer.

The survey was conducted from February 18 to February 25, 2019 in 394 locations all over Russia. 2000 respondents over 18 years of age took part in the survey. Among those interviewed there were 958 men and 1042 women.