OREANDA-NEWSMoscow doubts Washington’s determination to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty and hopes that the United States will remain a party to it. This was reported to the Russian newspaper by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov on the sidelines of the IV Moscow Conference on Non-Proliferation.

“We will need to re-weigh the situation. We consider the agreement an important element that, especially in the current situation, will stabilize many processes. There are different options for responding to a possible US exit, but we can't just take and act in a mirror. We are sure that the USA is close to the exit", Ryabkov noted. At the same time, the diplomat emphasized that Moscow would like to hope that the United States will nevertheless remain parties to the treaty.

An American newspaper said on October 27 that US President Donald Trump has signed a document that allegedly sets out the intention of the US administration to withdraw from the treaty. Sources of the newspaper said that this decision isn't final and consultations are ongoing.