OREANDA-NEWS The strengthening of the ruble on the international market and the transition to import substitution will help protect Russia from external threats from Western countries. Andrey Klimov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Senator from the Perm Territory, shared this opinion in an interview with URA.RU.

“If we have, and we have, tools and methods that can put in place almost any enemy of the Russian Federation, then we need to use them. We must deal with two problems - ensuring the security of Russia and creating conditions for our socio-economic development. We need to strengthen the ruble, make it an international currency, and make our production independent of imports. We need to create our own sovereign technologies in especially sensitive moments, in any contacts, focus primarily not on ideological and propaganda sentiments, but on our national interests. Then, in my opinion, we will live safer and happier,” Andrey Klimov explained.

As an example, the senator cited the festival in Jurmala, noting that Russia could have created the same venue for a long time. “Here is the festival in Jurmala - why are we pumping up funds for the trips of our people? Jurmala is located in a country that is part of NATO (Latvia). Not to mention the EU. Why didn't we develop such a platform, for example, at home? in the Kaliningrad region. Why did our non-poor people carelessly invest in the financial structure of the Baltic states? And there are a lot of such examples, ”summed up Klimov.