OREANDA-NEWS. Serbian President Alexandar Vucic ordered the Military Security Agency to investigate all the circumstances of a possible espionage scam involving Russian intelligence officers.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabich. “We do not have all the data yet, but if it turns out that everything is true, this will be a serious problem for us,” she said. The politician emphasized that Alexandar Vucic, as Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian army, will hold a meeting in the immediate future, during which he will report on the results of the investigation.

Earlier, journalists reported that Georgy Kleban, Russian diplomat and military intelligence officer, was filmed in a video at the time of transferring money to one of Serbian senior officials. The material was published on YouTube on November 17, and interlocutor of the Blitz edition and journalist Hristo Gozev confirmed their authenticity on their Twitter page. According to Radio Free Europe, a user named kdjuey opened a Twitter account in November 2019. On November 17, he posted on his page a video from his YouTube account.

The Minister of Defense of Serbia, Alexandar Vulin, said that Vucic is collecting information about what happened. Vulin expects that the meeting of all the heads of intelligence and counterintelligence services and the chief of the General Staff of the Serbian army with the president will be held on November 21. “The situation is serious, and the Commander-in-Chief will draw conclusion after a detailed examination of the facts,” Vulin said. According to the Minister of Defense, the events may be an attempt to force Serbia to abandon its policy of military neutrality. “I believe in the justice, discernment and independence of Alexandar Vucic,” Vulin added.