OREANDA-NEWS Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of the Russian capital, said on Friday, that residents of Moscow have to "hold out for several months" before the start of mass production of the coronavirus vaccine and further vaccination with it, so that the spread of infection does not lead to a collapse in the whole city.

On the other hand he admits that people are already psychologically exhausted and tired of being afraid, tired of following the requirements of doctors. All this is understandable, but people still have to hold out for several months. Because the production of a mass vaccine is on the way, which will generally remove this problem. But for this people just need to get together, concentrate, do everything possible to avoid some kind of panic and collapse.

He added that the city authorities are doing their best and take the necessary decisions, but without the people responding to these measures, helping themselves and the people who surround them, nothing will work. Such things can only be done together, trusting each other, in Moscow’s mayor’s opinion.

He stressed that the Moscow authorities provide full and correct information about the situation with the coronavirus in the city.

Sergei Sobyanin is sure that there is no need to wait for information that someone’s loved ones or relatives are seriously ill. He offers not to wait for this, and supposes to do so that this will not happen.