OREANDA-NEWS   Before take-off of the American C-17 transporter, they tried to tie themselves to the chassis. As the plane climbed, at least two people fell from it, Asvaka News reported on Twitter. 

The publication writes that three people collapsed on the roofs of the houses of local residents "with a terrifying sound". According to preliminary data, the victims worked with the US military and tried to escape by plane during the evacuation of American citizens. There was no room for them on board, and then they caught on the fuselage but could not resist.

Earlier, there was a stampede at the Kabul airport: local residents hastily leave the country after the “Taliban” came to power. Hundreds of people in the capital of Afghanistan tried to get on departing planes, the crowd broke into the airfield and began to interfere with the departure of the aircraft.

To stop the refugees, the US military opened warning fire. Reuters reports that because of the chaos at the airport at least five people died.