OREANDA-NEWS The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a series of explosions happened near the town of Novofedorovka in Crimea, noting that they were caused by a detonation of several rounds of air-launched ammunition at the Saki Airfield located not far from the town.The explosions left five people injured, including one child, Minister of Health for Crimea Konstantin Skorupsky stated. Four of them the injured were released after receiving medical assistance, while one is being operated on due to a chest trauma sustained as a result of a blast.

The detonated ammunition was stored at the airfield's bunded storage area, the Defense Ministry said, adding that the ensuing blasts did not result in any damage to aircrafts. The resulting fire is in the process of being put out, the ministry elaborated.The ammo's detonation did not happen due to shelling or an airstrike on the airport, the ministry underscored. The cause of the incident is being investigated, Moscow said.Local authorities have placed a lockdown for a 5-kilometer radius around the airport to prevent injuries among the local population.The advisor to Crimea's head, Oleg Kryuchkov, separately announced that 30 people from buildings in the vicinity of the airport have been evacuated to safety.