OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian armed forces should be ready to expand the range of military conflicts, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, opening the operational mobilization collection of the army's leadership. Shoigu cited the conflict in Syria as an example. According to him, is a totally different type of warfare, very different from classic wars, which involved the regular army.

"The troops and forces annually receives about two and a half thousand new and modernized weapons and military equipment. The organizational structure of formations and military units is being improved," the defense Minister continued.

In such circumstances, the Minister emphasizes, the military leadership is required both extensive knowledge and the ability to follow new trends and understand the prospects of the armed forces.

As the military expert Victor Murakhovsky declared, the automated systems of management of troops now come to the aid of officers, however it is impossible to forget about creative approach that demands specific knowledge and professional training.

"In order to apply creativity in the new conditions, including following the precepts of the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov - "in the war should do what the enemy considers impossible", - explained Murakhovsky in an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

At the meeting, the participants of the command discussed the problematic issues of the army development and proposals to improve the methods of work of the command and their interaction with the public administration. The participants of the training camp will also analyze the existing models of weapons of the Russian and foreign army to give instructions for the further development of domestic defense systems.

In October last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the level of combat and operational training of Russian troops should be increased, and in November demanded that in the coming years, the share of modern weapons and equipment increased to at least 70 percent. In addition, the Russian leader said that the defense industry should develop the production of smart and high-precision missiles and ammunition.