OREANDA-NEWS The Russian government has increased by 2% the size of social pensions in the country. As noted in the resolution published on the official portal of legal information, the increase in the amount of such payments will occur from April, 1.

According to the current legislation, the social pension is established to citizens who have not worked or have not acquired the full length of service required to obtain an insurance pension. The Ministry of Labor earlier noted that, based on the data on the size of the subsistence minimum of the pensioner for 2018 (8483 rubles) and for 2017 (8315 rubles), the growth rate was 102%. In this regard, the Agency proposed from April 1, 2019 to index social pensions by 2%.

The Ministry also stressed that in connection with indexing from the 1 of April, 2019 social pensions at the same time will raise the pensions under the state pension support of servicemen, passing military service on an appeal, the pensions of members of their families, pensions to victims or technogenic radiation accidents and pensions of the members of their families, pension payments to participants of the Great Patriotic War, pensions for the winners of the award "to the Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad", the pensions of workers LETNO-test structure, including allowances to pension payments for long service to citizens from among astronauts, etc.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the indexation will increase the level of pensions of almost 4 million pensioners, of which about 3.2 million people are recipients of social pensions. 

According to the dоcument, the pension Fund of Russia should inform its territorial divisions about the amount of the approved coefficient in order to increase the corresponding pensions.