OREANDA-NEWS. Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko commented on the possibility of taking new measures against coronavirus, including at the federal level, RIA Novosti reports.

Matvienko did not rule out that the introduction of new measures is possible, and also pointed to the situation in the regions of Russia.

“We have a difficult situation with covid, and the restrictive measures that are taken by the subjects of the Federation, they will remain to a greater or lesser extent,” Matvienko said at a meeting of the Federation Council.

In addition, Matvienko urged colleagues to be vaccinated to set an example for citizens.

“We must set an example for our citizens, therefore I urge everyone to be vaccinated, thereby counteracting the anti-virus, antiviral batch that we have, unfortunately, as in other states. This is the personal point of view of these people, but we must listen to our doctors, specialists , doctors, and not various fake news on the Internet, "she said at a meeting of the Federation Council, addressing her colleagues. Matvienko also asked to keep under personal control the situation with the availability of the required number of batches of vaccines in the regions, as well as the provision of hospitals with the necessary equipment, including oxygen.

Earlier in St. Petersburg, mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 was introduced for residents over 60 years old.