OREANDA-NEWS. The cause of an outbreak of viral pneumonia of unknown origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan was a new type of coronavirus.

This was reported by the China Central Television with reference to a group of specialists who conducted laboratory studies of the virus. “After testing by the nucleic acid method, 15 confirmed cases of a new type of coronavirus’ disease were detected. Experts preliminarily established that the cause of unknown viral pneumonia was a new type of coronavirus,” the statement says.

The fact that the cause of the outbreak of pneumonia in China may be a new type of coronavirus was also confirmed by the World Health Organization. It is noted that further epidemiological research and investigation of the clinical presentations of the disease are necessary.

On January 3, the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee announced that 44 people fell ill with an unknown form of pneumonia. 11 of them were acute patients. A state of health of 121 people was being monitored.