OREANDA-NEWS. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will continue to build up its military presence in the Black Sea region. This was announced by the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg on November 30 during a press conference in Munich.

The region remains important for the military bloc, so the presence of its contingent will increase, Stoltenberg explained. He recalled that several NATO member countries have access to the Black Sea.

Earlier in November, the forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet began tracking the actions of the American destroyer Donald Cook, which entered the Black Sea. The ship’s entry was the seventh time when American warships were sent to the region in a year.

A month earlier, four NATO naval vessels entered the Black Sea. They were the universal transport ship Aliakmon of the Greek Navy, the minesweeper Orion of the French Navy, the minesweeper Alghero of the Italian Navy, and the minesweeper Duero of the Spanish Navy.