OREANDA-NEWS. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg argues that Moscow has not yet responded to the continuing proposal of the North Atlantic Alliance to host a meeting of the NATO–Russia Council.

The politician recalled that at the beginning of 2020, NATO invited Russia to a meeting of the Council. They did not react, but our invitation is still valid, Stoltenberg added. He also said that he strongly believe in dialogue and call on Russia for it. According to the Secretary General, such a dialogue will help reduce the risk of incidents and miscalculations and that it can contribute to improving relations between Russia and the alliance.

In early December, a report on the reform of the NATO was published, which says that the organization considers Russia the main military threat to its security until at least 2030. At the same time, the document notes that NATO considers it necessary to preserve the Russia–NATO Council as an instrument for a political dialogue on peaceful coexistence with the Russian Federation.