OREANDA-NEWS. Statistics on the confrontation of Syrian air defense systems and Turkish drones, widely used during the hostilities in Idlib governorate, have been published. According to Syrian MC, a military observer close to the Syrian army, Buk-M2E anti-aircraft systems launched 25 missiles and hit 20 drones. Three missiles missed the targets, two hits “were scratched.” More than half of the downed drones fell in territory controlled by militants.

Earlier, a senior Turkish official on condition of anonymity told Bloomberg agency that his country was the first to use a new tactic called the “drone swarm.” Unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used for reconnaissance purposes and for adjusting artillery fire. Two types of devices are used in Idlib: medium altitude Bayraktar TB2 and multi-purpose TAI Anka. Turkish authorities confirmed the loss of 12 drones.