OREANDA-NEWS. The Afghan radical movement Taliban conducts its own investigation based on media reports about an alleged collusion between Russia and the movement and calls these allegations baseless, invented by intelligence and aimed at damaging the peace process. This was reported by an official representative of the Taliban political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen.

“We continue our own investigation in the wake of information that appeared in the media. These allegations are not true, they have no basis and are launched by an intelligence agency in Kabul to damage the peace process and delay it, as well as the formation of a new government,” Shaheen said. According to him, the government in Kabul wants to keep power, therefore it is launching such rumours that can create a wave within the United States and delay the peace process, which brings removal from power closer.

On June 26, the American newspaper New York Times published material alleging that a unit of Russian military intelligence had prompted Taliban members to attack the international coalition in Afghanistan for remuneration. The Russian side denied this information.