OREANDA-NEWS  Tatarstan will receive more than 4 billion rubles for the development of the health care system within the framework of the national project, Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Tatyana Yakovleva said.

"Within the framework of the national project "Нealth Сare" Tatarstan defended its regional project on the development of health care. About 2 billion rubles Tatarstan will receive for the re-equipment of cardiovascular centers-angiographs, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, 1.5 billion rubles will receive on the oncological service," Yakovleva told reporters.

In addition, she said, within three years, Tatarstan will be allocated 183 million rubles annually for the re-equipment of children's clinics.

The Deputy Minister said that the entire national project until 2024 is planned to allocate 1,366 trillion rubles. Moreover, 965 billion rubles will be spent on the development of cancer service.

Yakovleva stressed that the money is allocated to the regions not just for the purchase of equipment, but for the system of medical care in General. This includes the re-equipment of clinics, training of qualified specialists, Informatization of the health care system, and much more, the targets of the project will be clearly written.

"That is, it should be a system of medical care, from prevention to rehabilitation. This is the system that should be built as a result. I believe that Tatarstan can be a pilot region in which it is possible to build — especially, a lot of money for health care comes from the local budget — an ideal model of medical care and broadcast it throughout Russia," the Deputy Minister said.

Earlier, the government of Tatarstan in 2016-2018 allocated more than 9 million rubles for the installation of more than 29 thousand Autonomous fire detectors in homes of large families, single elderly citizens and families in a socially dangerous situation, Deputy head of the main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation in Tatarstan Sergey Sergeev.