OREANDA-NEWS State tests of the new complex of art exploration "Penicillin" successfully completed, told media the press service of the holding "Roselectronics".

Delivery of the first two samples is planned for 2020.

Sound-thermal complex "Penicillin" is designed to search for firing positions of artillery guns, mortars, multiple launch rocket systems and starting positions of anti-aircraft and tactical missiles, while adjusting the firing of their artillery.

The complex is capable of performing combat missions in a band up to 25 kilometers wide. It is composed of several sound receivers installed on the surface of the earth, as well as opto-electronic module.

The system receives and processes acoustic signals from shots (ruptures) and provides information about the place of the ammunition rupture, accuracy of hit, as well as reports the location of the guns. The time to obtain the coordinates of a single target does not exceed five seconds.

"Penicillin" can carry out maintenance of shooting as one battery, and alternately each battery division. Also, the installation provides interaction with subscribers of the automated control system of tactical and operational level. The range of radio communication with external subscribers is up to 40 kilometers.

Earlier, the American magazine National Interest reported that "Penicillin" can be a new "way to destroy the American heavy artillery." The author of the article writes that this detection system uses four sound-thermal locators, a large stabilization platform and an electronic module to detect noise and kinetic energy.

Earlier was reported, that new division of the anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" will take up combat duty in the Crimea before the end of the year.