OREANDA-NEWS. The Accounts Chamber of Russia considers the introduction of food certificates as one of the measures of social assistance to citizens in need. This was announced on Wednesday, February 3, by the head of the department of the joint venture Olga Samarina at a round table on the topic "Ensuring the availability of food for low-income citizens."

According to the directors of the department, these food certificates will allow low-income Russians and their families to independently decide what products they can spend.

Olga Samarina noted that against the background of a rather critical situation with an increase in poverty and in the context of a transition to a new calculation of the subsistence minimum and minimum wages, the study of the issue of targeted food assistance to those in need in any form is necessary. She believes that it is worth introducing something like a food certificate so that the family can choose which foods to buy with it.

She added that the transition to this kind of social assistance cannot be viewed as an assessment of a failed social policy - on the contrary, it is an indicator that the state supports its citizens.

As previously reported by the site kp.ru, the Ministry of Industry and Trade came up with a proposal to transfer money for food to poor citizens for food support to needy Russians.