OREANDA-NEWS. The court of the Brest region sentenced citizens of Belarus Gennady Shutov and Alexander Kordyukov, who were accused of resisting with violence against law enforcement officers at a rally on August 11 last year. At the same time, Shutov was not sentenced — he died as a result of a head wound during the collision.

The trial of the criminal case began in Brest on February 16. Roman Gavrilov and Arseniy Golitsyn were the victims of the incident, «Tut.By» notes. Both of them refused to sue the accused for damages.

According to the prosecution version, Shutov and Kordyukov purposefully approached Gavrilov and Golitsyn, who were serving on Moskovskaya Street, while wearing civilian uniforms. The accused filed claims to law enforcement officers that they identify persons participating in unauthorized mass events. During the skirmish, Kordyukov struck his opponent with a metal pipe. Gavrilov decided to shoot Shutov in the shoulder — but at that moment the man shifted to the side, and the bullet hit him in the back of the head.

Kordyukov pleaded not guilty. According to him, he and Shutov did not identify the men as law enforcement officers and struck up a conversation to inquire about, what was happening. Evidently, Kordyukov's testimony did not convince the court — he was sentenced to 10 years in a high-security penal colony. But he can appeal the verdict.