OREANDA-NEWS The court of Simferopol on Tuesday arrested for two months 12 of 24 Ukrainian sailors detained near the Crimean Peninsula for violation of the Russian border.

Placed under arrest Andrew Oprysko, Sergey Tsybizov, Yuri Buzilo, Vladimir Tereschenko, Victor Bespalchenko, Vladimir Varies, Mikhail Vlasyuk, Bogdan Golovashov, Sergei Culyba, Vladislav Kostyshin, Sergei Popov.

"Today, the decisions of the FSB investigators on the election of a preventive measure were considered... suspected of committing a crime under part 3 of article 322 of the criminal code ["Illegal crossing of the border, committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or an organized group, or with the use of violence or the threat of its use"]," - said the representative of the Kiev district court of Simferopol, where the question of arrest was considered. She said that according to this article sailors could face up to six years of imprisonment. Among them-three wounded sailors who are now in hospital.

Among the arrested were also the commander of the Ukrainian small artillery armored "Berdyansk" Roman Motruk. "The court ruled that the application for detention shall be granted. Assign a preventive measure for 1 month 29 days - until January 25, 2019, " - said the judge Andrei Dolgopolov.

The court Makruk said that he was commander of the armored "Berdyansk" in the rank of Lieutenant. He pleaded not guilty.

According to the press service of the court, all 12 people were detained until January 25, 2019, as requested by the FSB.

On Wednesday, the Kiev district court of Simferopol will choose a measure of restraint for the remaining 12 sailors. As previously reported by the Commissioner for human rights in the Republic of Crimea Lyudmila Lubina, on Wednesday the court will choose a measure of restraint officers of the Ukrainian Navy, including the security service of Ukraine, and those "who made the decision."

According to Lubina, if three sailors who were in the hospital will not be discharged in the coming days, the question of the measure of restraint for them can be resolved at a visiting session of the court.

Lubina told that the measure of restraint for detainees near the Crimean Peninsula of the Ukrainian seamen could be softer. "The reason for taking suspects - they are all suspects-into custody was that they do not have a permanent place of residence in the Crimea. And therefore it was impossible to choose a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest. Why didn't the Ukrainian side take care of some housing? They definitely did not take care of this," Lubina said.

She noted that "not aware" if the Ukrainian authorities something for its citizens. "There are lawyers under the agreement - when relatives were able to conclude an agreement with a lawyer, and he defends for money. Seven lawyers were by agreement, the rest by appointment (free of charge provided by the state) I do not know whether Ukraine gave money to relatives to pay for lawyers," the Ombudsman added.

She also reported that she will monitor the conditions in which the sailors will be kept in jail.