OREANDA-NEWS. Japanese authorities confirmed the first death from a coronavirus in that country. An 80 year old woman became the third person to die from a new disease outside of mainland China (earlier it was reported of deaths in Hong Kong and the Philippines).

According to Kyodo news agency, a woman who lived in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo was hospitalized on February 1 with pneumonia. Doctors determined that there was a new coronavirus in her body after the patient died.

The message of the head of the Ministry of Health Katsunobu Kato does not indicate exactly where the woman became infected. It is known that she has not traveled outside of Japan recently.

In the number of infected people, Japan ranks second in the world. Most of them, 175 persons, were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Until now, the majority of coronavirus deaths have been in Hubei Province, where the outbreak of a new disease began. More than 1300 people died there.