OREANDA-NEWS. As the Kremlin website reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of a Fund to support children with severe life-threatening and chronic diseases.

 This decision was the result of a video meeting with volunteers, timed to coincide with Volunteer Day, which the president hosted earlier in December 2020. The participants of the meeting were guys with serious illnesses - Regina Parpieva and Artem Samuylov, whose dreams the president fulfilled as part of the "Christmas tree of wishes" campaign in 2018. Regina, during a conversation with the president, said that now in Russia there is no fund for people with autoimmune diseases, answering that she herself suffered from just such a disease. She added that many guys die, they just remain without drugs, because they are expensive.

Vladimir Putin, for his part, spoke about the measures taken to solve the problems with the procurement of drugs necessary for treatment. He also said that the proceeds from the increase in personal income tax for the rich - about 60 billion rubles - will be spent on purchasing expensive drugs. The President assured that the authorities will continue to seek funding sources to solve the problems of helping children with serious illnesses.