OREANDA-NEWS. The head of the Bologovsky district, Gennady Lomaka, was attacked this morning, June 1. When he came to work, a unknown man knocked him down at the entrance. The attacker symbolically put two roses on him with the threat «You are no longer a tenant».

Russian media 5-tv informs, that the incident occurred around nine o'clock in the morning at the building of the district administration. Soon after, the official was able to get up, get to the security post, and call the police.

Now the area is cordoned off, the police are looking for the attacker. But this is not the first case of an attack on Lomaka — last year he was taken to the forest for the same reasons.

Recall that Gennady Lomaka from 2013 to January 2014 held the post of Deputy Head of the administration of Tver, who was responsible for the housing and utilities sector, architecture and construction and, accordingly, oversaw the work of the Department of Housing and Housing Policy, the Department of Architecture and Construction, the MCU «Management of municipal Housing Stock», as well as specialized municipal unitary enterprises — «Tvergorelektro», «Tver Directorate of a single customer», «UK DES», «Tver-hostel», «Tverstroyzakazchik», «Gorproekt», «PRUE of the Central district», municipal unitary diversified housing and communal enterprise «Sakharovo».