OREANDA-NEWS. Global world demand for the Russian coronavirus vaccine exceeds supply, but at the same time vaccination of Russians remains a priority. The high demand for the Russian drug was reported to reporters by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

"The very fact that the demand for the Russian vaccine in the world is great, without exaggeration, is great - and the demand at the moment significantly exceeds the supply that production capacities can provide, of course, it makes the Russian Direct Investment Fund work very, very hard", - said Peskov.

He recalled that it was the RDIF that was authorized to carry out international relations to satisfy these international applications for the Russian vaccine.

A spokesman said: "The Fund really works day and night. And, of course, through the fund and through the government headquarters, the president receives daily reports on how things are. With a clear understanding that the continued vaccination of Russians remains an undeniable priority "- Thus, he noted how the president personally controls the process of recognition and distribution of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 abroad.