OREANDA-NEWS. One day without the Internet will cost the Russian economy 20 billion rubles, said the head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Leonid Levin.

The State Duma on Thursday adopted in the second reading a draft law on the safe and stable work of the RuNet.
According to Levin, "an absolutely independent sociological company that monitors the Internet," conducted an assessment of the losses that the Russian economy could incur if the Internet was turned off for one day. Levin's speech was timed to the main reading of the draft law on a reliable Internet in Russia. On April 11, parliamentarians passed the law in the second reading - it is intended to ensure the work of the Runet in the event of its disconnection from the global network.

"So, colleagues, they estimate the loss of the Russian economy from the lack of Internet work in Russia for one day at 20 billion rubles. And today, those funds that are being laid (for the implementation of the project on runet), we are talking about 20-30 billions of rubles in total to ensure stable work (the runet) in the event of the impact of such threats in general, "said Levin during the discussion of the initiative.

The draft law on runet is aimed at protecting the stable operation of the Internet in Russia in the event of a threat to its functioning from abroad. The project, in particular, provides for the establishment of a common-use communications network monitoring and management center at Roskomnadzor, which will ensure the availability of telecommunications services in the Russian Federation in any "extraordinary" situations, and coordinate the efforts of operators in such situations. It is assumed that the law will come into force on November 1, 2019.