OREANDA-NEWS. The proportion of those vaccinated against COVID in Moscow is several times less than in any European city, despite the fact that the city has organized a large-scale free vaccination and offers bonuses. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced this in his personal blog.

According to the mayor, last week he met with activists in the north-east of Moscow, where he told them about the progress of vaccinations.

After that, the mayor, in his speech, the video of which was posted on the blog, said: “It's a shame that we have not had any vaccination restrictions for six months. We were the first in the world to open an almost free vaccination campaign. So what? The number, percentage of vaccinated in Moscow is less than in any European city. And in some cities even at times."

According to the mayor, 1.3 million out of 12 million residents of Moscow were vaccinated, this figure could be many times higher, according to Sobyanin, since vaccination is already organized in shopping centers, in parks and in all places convenient for citizens, and the elderly Muscovites can receive bonuses in the form of thousands of rubles for vaccination.

On Thursday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel assessed the situation with the incidence in Moscow: “As for the situation, it remains difficult, but not dramatic. There is a lot of growth, but no major deviations or explosive growth is observed."