OREANDA-NEWS. Tasnim news agency reports that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) began a second stage of missile attacks on an American military base located in Iraq.

Al Mayadeen TV channel, citing a source, informs about second shelling of Al Asad airbase in western Iraq.

According to a CNN’s interlocutor, during the first attack on the night of January 8, 13 missiles hit the airbase at which the US soldiers are stationed. All missiles were launched from a distance of about 10 kilometers. A source said that there is no data on victims among American servicemen. A representative of Iraq’s security service said there are casualties among Iraqis.

The IRGC demanded the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and promised that the goal of a retaliatory strike would be any state that attacks Iran “in any form”. According to CNN, citing a statement of the Corps, in the event of aggression against Iran, Dubai (UAE) and Haifa (Israel) will be attacked, and this should be the “third stage of attacks.” In addition, the IRGC threatened to strike a blow within the United States if Washington decides to respond to the shelling of airbases.