OREANDA-NEWS. The Belarusian militia may use military weapons to suppress protests, if necessary, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Gennady Kazakevich, said.

“The protests, which have shifted mainly to Minsk, have become organized and extremely radical. In this regard, employees of the internal affairs bodies and servicemen of the internal troops will not leave the streets. If necessary, they will use special equipment and military weapons,” the official explained. “We note the gradual fading of the protest movement both in terms of territory and in mass,” he added. At the same time, Kazakevich considers that the radicalization of the protests is evidenced by the actions in the Belarusian capital on October 11. “We faced not just aggression, but groups of militants, radicals, anarchists, football fans, attempts to repeat the events of early August,” the Deputy Interior Minister stated.