OREANDA-NEWS. According to the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the new passport with an electronic data carrier will be made in the form of a plastic card.

The ministry clarified that the new document will be a plastic card the size of a bank, that is, ID1 format, equipped with an electronic data carrier of domestic production. It will contain data that is contained in a valid paper passport.

It is assumed that the electronic document, as well as the mobile application, which will be released in addition to the new passport, will become the key to government and commercial services, will provide all citizens with a qualified electronic signature.

If a person loses his passport, he can quickly block it, like his bank card.

Earlier it was reported that a pilot project for the implementation of digital passports is planned to be launched in Moscow in December 2021.

According to VTsIOM data, 16% of Russians would like to get an electronic passport, among young people aged 18-24 - 30%. According to the survey, 16% would like to have an electronic passport. More often young people aged 18-24 (30%), men (21%), as well as residents of large cities - about 20% of respondents spoke about the desire to have an electronic document.

However, the majority of Russians - 73% - have not yet expressed a desire to have a passport in electronic format.