OREANDA-NEWS. Recruitment service Rabota.ru named the highest paid professions for remote work in Russia. At the top of this rating is the 1C Analyst Programmer, who deals with accounting, calculations, databases. Representatives of this profession earn up to 270 thousand rubles a month in Russia. However, only a really high-class specialist can count on such a salary. A candidate for the position with such a salary is required to have at least four years of experience in a team of ten people, knowledge of at least one of the typical 1C configurations, and the ability to work with a database management system.

The second place in the ranking of the highest paid professions at a remote location belongs to the manager of foreign economic activity on the project. The job seeker's responsibilities include finding suppliers of vending machines and spare parts for them, conducting market analytics, and organizing the equipment delivery scheme. Also an employee is expected to have at least five years of experience and high knowledge of foreign languages for negotiations.

In the third place in the list is also a programmer, namely a Backend developer in Sberavto remotely, who can earn from 180 thousand rubles a month. The vacancy assumes at least three years of work experience, knowledge of the Golang programming language, and the ability to use Docker and Kubernetes software.

The fourth and fifth places in the ranking are also occupied by programmers. This is an HTML coder with at least two years of experience and knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, who can count on a salary of up to 140 thousand rubles, and a UX / UI (web) design teacher with at least three years of experience in web design. The employer is ready to pay such a specialist from 100 thousand rubles a month.