OREANDA-NEWS  The new export modification of the "deadly" T-90 tank called the T-90MS has a number of serious improvements, and also has a decent export potential, the American portal the National Interest writes about it.

The t-90MS is a modernized export version of The t-90 tank, which was the main one for the Russian armored forces from the early 1990s to 2011, the national Interest writes.At the same time, compared with other export modification of the tank – T-90S, the new combat vehicle includes a number of serious improvements, the portal points out.

Thus, the T-90MS boasts a more powerful 1130-horsepower diesel engine B-92S2F, improved thermal imager, digital computer, GLONASS navigation system and a redesigned tower, the author notes. Among the most "impressive" changes he also highlights the dynamic protection, which is equipped with a combat vehicle.

According to the portal, the key features of the tank emphasize its export potential. So, to reduce production costs, the manufacturer of the T-90MS, Uralvagonzavod, decided to equip the combat vehicle with a smoothbore gun 2A46, which was installed on the basic version of the T-90, and not a newer gun 2A82-1M, installed on the T-90M and the tank of the "next generation" of the Armata project.
Despite active measures to maintain competitiveness, the T-90MS, according to The national Interest, will cost about $ 4.5 million per unit, which is much more expensive than its predecessor – the T-90S, which cost about 2.5—3.5 million.

At the same time, Rosoboronexport, a company engaged in the export of Russian weapons, is already close to completing the transaction for the sale of a new tank to such large customers as Egypt and Kuwait, the author notes.