OREANDA-NEWS. The American magazine National Interest named five submarines, each of which can destroy the world in 30 minutes. Three of them are Russian, two are developed in the USA.

As the authors of the article note, these vessels were never used in hostilities. However, these nuclear submarines armed with nuclear warhead missiles are the deadliest weapon that has ever been created by mankind.

The publication mentions Russian submarines of project 955 Borei, as well as 667 BDRM Delfin and 885M Yasen. It is noted that the latter can go undetected to 2 thousand kilometers off the east coast of the United States and from this distance hit targets “as far as the Great Lakes.”

As for the American submarines, Ohio submarines and new Columbia-class submarines, which will go into service in 2031, are named. The authors note that since 2016, nine Ohio-class submarines have been deployed in the Pacific Ocean, and five in the Atlantic.