OREANDA-NEWS. The number of Americans, who died from coronavirus exceeded the country's combat losses in the Vietnam War, as well as in the First and Second World Wars. This is reported by «The New York Times». According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 392,300 Americans died as a result of three wars, while more than 498,000 people became victims of COVID-19.

In addition, according to the Johns Hopkins University, the United States was the most affected by the pandemic: the number of Americans infected with the coronavirus has crossed the mark of 28.1 million. The maximum daily increase in cases was recorded on the second of January — then almost 300 thousand infected people were identified.

US President Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris will hold a minute of silence ceremony in memory of the victims of the coronavirus. According to the schedule of the White House press service, on the evening of Monday, February 22, they will light candles, and later the president will make a speech.

Recall, Biden believes, that the relative normalization of the situation with the coronavirus can occur in the United States by Christmas or early 2022. Biden blames his predecessor, Donald Trump, for the situation in the country.