OREANDA-NEWS. The Krasnogorsk City Court of the Moscow Region sentenced the owner of a network of pirated online cinemas, Stanislav Saigin, accused of copyright infringement, to two years in prison. The verdict in the case of a network of clandestine online cinemas was made in the history of judicial practice in Russia for the first time, the Group-IB company operating in the field of investigation and prevention of cybercrime, which participated in this process, reports.

According to Group-IB, Stanislav Saigin owned a group of online cinemas publishing unlicensed content: kinogb.guru, kinokot.biz and fosa.me, as well as a dozen of their “mirrors”, including kinogb.site, kinogb.me, kinogb. life, kinogb.cc, kinogb.mobi, kinokot.me, kinogb.tv. On each site there were more than 10 thousand titles of various films and series. These sites received content from one of the largest pirate networks - Moonwalk (ceased operation in October 2019), and online casinos acted as advertisers.

According to Group-IB estimates, in 2019, for the first time in five years, the market for pirated resources in the Russian segment of the Internet showed a decline: its volume amounted to $ 63.5 million, which is 27% lower than in 2018.