OREANDA-NEWSIn St. Petersburg, the owners of three dozen large shopping and entertainment complexes in an open letter informed about the crisis, which led to long restrictions in their work, and said that the city authorities do not pay attention to their interests.

According to entrepreneurs, for more than four months, 10% of stores remained working in the mall, all this time the industry did not receive tax breaks and concessions, but provided discounts to tenants, sometimes up to 95%. The income of landlords during this period did not exceed 10%, they say.

The owners of the shopping malls called the ban on the operation of food courts illogical, where, in their opinion, it is easier to comply with the instructions of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare than in restaurants whose work is permitted.

They are also outraged that they have been assigned an inappropriate function to ensure that visitors wear masks and gloves.

“Lacking sufficient powers, shopping malls are trying to fully cope with this task, despite the fact that efforts in this direction often cause dissatisfaction among visitors, up to acute conflicts with the involvement of law enforcement agencies. on non-compliance with such control in relation to the owners of shopping malls, "the letter says.

The leaders of the SEC also do not understand why they are not invited to discuss the measures taken that affect the industry.