OREANDA-NEWS. Pope Francis called the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the situation in Afghanistan wise, but attributed them to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is reported by Russian media «RIA Novosti».

The pontiff noted that he translated the statement himself and hopes that the translation is correct. «It is necessary to stop the irresponsible policy of interference from outside, the desire to build democracy in other countries, without taking into account the traditions of peoples», Francis said.

At the meeting with Merkel, Putin said: «We need to stop the irresponsible policy of imposing third-party values from the outside, the desire to build democracy in other countries according to other people's patterns, without taking into account either historical, national or religious peculiarities, completely ignoring the traditions by which other peoples live».

Earlier it was reported that the 84-year-old Francis may abdicate due to health problems. It was noted that his predecessor Benedict XIV abdicated at the age of 85. The current pontiff recently underwent an operation on his intestines. It was done in June under general anesthesia. The trip to Hungary and Slovakia, scheduled for September 12-15, is still in force, but it may be canceled due to the deterioration of the pope's health.

Despite his advanced age, Francis is distinguished by strong health. As a young man, a part of his lung was removed after a complex pneumonia. The pontiff complains only of pain in his legs, in addition, during Christmas and New Year, his sciatic nerve became inflamed, which caused some of the events to be canceled.