OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had discussed with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the issue of helping foreign citizens wishing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with Sputnik V. According to the head of the republic, the issue of opening border crossings for people from the territory of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and other states is currently being worked out.

Lukashenko, at a meeting with the heads of delegations of the states participating in the meeting of the Council of CIS Heads of Governments, said: “Putin and I met and discussed the issue of assistance to citizens of Western states. Although their governments behave indecently towards Belarus, you see the demand for Sputnik V in Western States ".

According to him, a lot of people are trying to get into Belarus in every possible way, "although the republic has closed" its border for some figures, coordinating it with Russia, "since the countries have a common border space.

Lukashenko said: “We have agreed with the President of Russia that Belarus will open several crossings on this border, equip appropriate tents there, if necessary (we have enough hospitals) to receive people who wish from the territory of Poland, Lithuania and other states, and especially Ukraine - our people live there, we speak the same language - and provide them with assistance in vaccination. We are now working on this issue - given that we do not have rabies about the pandemic itself and the vaccination of the population. "

According to him, the main thing for Belarus now is to protect the older generation and people prone to coronavirus disease.

"This is the main thing. Therefore, we are pushing them to this, we do not insist. There is no compulsory vaccination and will not be. But we need to help our neighbors, especially Ukrainians. You see what is happening there," the head of the republic added.